The heart of any Hi-Fi system! Your choice of amplifier can make or break a system. Here at the What Hi Fi Show we make sure each and every component in a system compliments the other for a harmonious synergy of sound with the amplifier being the centre of it all. And at the What Hi Fi Show you will be spoilt for choice.


A home-cinema isn't complete without the big picture! We at the What Hi Fi Show believe bigger is better and that too in proper 4K! The show has been a launchpad for many flagship projectors and we are sure you'd find one worthy enough to take home.

Cinema Screens

A high-end home theatre without a proper projector screen is like a sports car without an engine. The What Hi Fi Show is home to a host of specialists that customise cinema Screens to your liking and viewing conditions. Or if you are a purist, you can always set your eyes on one of the many flagship televisions launched at the What Hi Fi Show.

Sound bars

Space is always the biggest factor in determining the kind of system you will have at home. Lack of space doesn't mean lack of hi-fi. The What Hi Fi Show has got you covered with a myriad of high-end soundbars. And if you've got the space then a fully kitted surround set up is the way to go.


The sweet spot also needs to be uber comfortable. Only then can you enjoy the proper high end experience. The What Hi Fi Show is a one-stop-shop for all your recliner needs from the best brands in the cinema industry. Trust us, you haven't sat on anything comfier than one of the recliners at the What Hi Fi Show.


We are purists in our heart and the What Hi Fi Show is an embodiment of that. While digital is popular, analogue runs in our blood and there's not a prettier sight than the spinning vinyls in our demo rooms! Hint of nostalgia with a shot of Hi-Fi? You got it.

AV Accessories

To make your system sing, you need some quality cables and interconnects. But that's not all that the What Hi Fi Show offers. There are streamers, NAS solutions, transports and a host of other accessories to elevate your Hi Fi experience.


Music is personal and sometimes all you need is a quiet evening to yourself with a quality pair of headphones and the liquid of your choice. We have plenty of the former to choose from, the latter is on you.